Other Information

  • Birthdays

    • In sixth grade, we celebrate birthdays where upon each child receives a hand-made card signed by all members of 6A.

  • Snack

    • We will have time for snack daily prior to lunch. Please make sure that your child has packed snack if he or she would like to have one. Since 6th grade does not each lunch until 12:45, having a morning snack assures they are well-nourished and can maintain the energy required to focus on thier academics.

  • Monthly Book Orders

    • Scholastic book orders will be sent home monthly if students wish to purchase books. Please note that you are under no obligation to purchase from the catalog.

  • Dismissal

    • Please note that all dismissal changes must be in writing at all times. Because I don't always have time to check my emails throughout the day, please inform the office if you have a change in plans.

    • Children who ride the bus should bring in a note informing the school of any change of plans.

  • Absences

    • If your child is absent, please inform the front office.

  • Early Dismissal

    • If you need to pick your child up early from school, please let me or the front office know in writing so we can give them plenty of time to gather their things in advance.

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